YA Grows Up: A Genre for All

Here’s the 1st of the two panels we hosted at AmpLit Fest, which we’re thrilled to share in full with our digital community. Click the link to hear more about YA Grows Up: A Genre For All featuring Linda Camacho, Ashley Woodfolk, and Gavriel Savit. Moderated by Caty Gordon. 


The Fault in Our Stars, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter…These wildly successful stories all began as ‘Young Adult’ (YA) books. Now, not only are their adaptations blockbuster hits, but the books themselves have been read worldwide by readers of all ages and ilks. In a world where Young Adult stories dominate bestseller lists and movie marquees, what is the point of this delineation? What is the genre’s function in the literary landscape? A scintillating discussion about what the genre means to those working within it, and to our reading culture at large.