Story to Stage: Performing Stories

Every year, we see adaptations of written works performed on TV shows, films, and stages. What drives this spirit of adaptation? How do professional artists change and mold an existing story to reach and move a new audience? The artists of Hook & Eye Theater really enjoy pulling a story apart and putting it back together. Join them for a one-of-a-kind performance workshop, a fun and interactive way for the whole family to start the day.

Book Antics: Improvising Stories

How would you describe your favorite story or literary character? What would happen if you gave that description to an improv group and they had to perform it? At this madcap event, we’re doing exactly that — a group of comedians will reenact some of your favorite literary characters and storylines and we’ll see what happens!  

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson is a cage fighter from Gainseville, FL. She moved to New York to pursue musical theater and improv. She is currently a personal trainer for a hologram of Andre the Giant that has become sentient. She performs various plays and sketches in Theaters across the City and has even done her own one woman show. It's rumored that for that one woman show she had to shave her head but couldn't. Why? Because behind her hair there is no scalp, there is only another fist (Her name for that fist is Harriet "Hammer" Chesterfield). She currently does improv at the Magnet Theater and has studied under the veterans Hannah Chase, Louis Kornfeld, and Allan Fessenden.

Kaitlyn Krieg

Kaitlyn Krieg got her start in tile sampling while in high school in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She had the honor of portraying Tyler Durden in Fight Club and Corie in Barefoot in the Park. She eventually moved to NYC to further pursue her theater dreams. After many decades of tickling babies, she came to the Magnet Theater after learning about their  free intro classes to see if improv was a place for her to be. After signing up for Level 1, she is still currently studying at the Magnet Theater. Kaitlyn once stared at a batch of tomatoes and, out of fear, the tomatoes cooked themselves into a freshly baked pizza. She has had the privilege to study under Louis Kornfeld, Hannah Chase, Alan Fessenden, and Nick Kanellis.

Patricio Machuca

Patricio Machuca is a comedian from New York City. He has been doing comedy for only a few months, but before that he was a fashion icon in Siberia and is responsible for the 10 mile radius trend of polar bear suspenders. Seeking to get away from fame, he came back to New York and has been bartending for the last 8 years. When he isn't doing improv, you can catch him being very shy in large crowds, making awful puns, and people watching. Patricio once saw Barack Obama sneeze on television and he said bless you. Obama looked into the camera and said thank you. He is currently training at the Magnet and has studied under Hannah Chase, Louis Kornfeld, and Allan Fessenden.

Tom Rizzuto

Tom Rizzuto is a musician/writer/comedian/diaper model from Long Island, New York. His writing has appeared in such publications as History Magazine, Discover Magazine and Curves Gym Editorial. He currently teaches music history and guitar at Molloy College and Nassau Community College. He's appeared as an expert on music for Newsday and The Telecare Network and is an expert on cow tipping for fun. He casually speaks in the third person and his music can be heard as part of the soundtrack to the 2010 independent film, Miserable Man. Tom Rizzuto is an active improvisor and can be seen performing improv across New York City. Tom was once left alone in a small park in Long Island, when his mother picked him up he was wearing lion skin from a lion he himself hunted. No one asked why. He has trained at The Magnet Theater under such improv luminaries as Hannah Chase, Louis Kornfeld, and Alan Fesseden.