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Clare Smith Marash - Founder & Director

A winner of the Avery Hopwood Award in Short Fiction and numerous fellowships, Clare received her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Columbia University.

Clare currently freelances as a writer and editor. She has written about topics ranging from particle physics to political music, and has taught at the high school and university level. You can learn more about her writing and work by perusing

Sarah Sala - Curator

Sarah Sala is a native Michigander with an MFA in Poetry from New York University. Her awards and honors include: an Academy of American Poets Prize, the Marjorie Rapport Award for Poetry, An Avery Hopwood Award for Nonfiction, and a Roy W. Cowden Memorial Fellowship. Recently, her poem "Hydrogen" was featured in the "Elements" episode of NPR's hit show Radio Lab in collaboration with Emotive Fruition. Her poems also appear in Poetry Ireland ReviewAtlas Review, and Palimpsest. You can visit her at

Laura Esther Wolfson - Curator

Laura Esther Wolfson's distinctive blend of essay, first-person narrative and exploration of language, culture, books and place has appeared in Bellingham Review, Gettysburg Review, The Rumpus, The Sun, Zyzzyva and elsewhere. Her work has repeatedly garnered 'notable' listings in Best American Essays, won a contest or two and led to untold numbers of honorable mentions. She holds an MFA from the New School. 

Her writing is forthcoming in two anthologies, including a collection of travel writing from a publisher in Stockholm, for which her work is being translated into Swedish. She is a staff translator (Russian, French and Spanish to English) at a large international organization headquartered in New York City. Learn more at